Project Description


  • 2016
  • Comet Records • Glitterbeat GBCD/LP 035
  • Produced by Mark Mulholland & Olaf Hund

The music is alive with the sense of spontaneity and adventure, the members supporting and pushing each other, diving headlong into the music and creating something that stands outside geography and genre.





Swirling, volatile music, awash with synths and scorched to a turn by Mulholland’s guitar” The Wire

A fluid sound whose energy is hardly contained in the album’s eight tracks.” Sound and Colour

A joyous wig-out that is part Sun Ra, part Can” DJ Mag (7.5/10)

The tracks are dominated by Allen’s fidgety, polyrhythmic Afrobeat rhythms, but the Haitian singers and the FX-laden soundscapes of Glasgow guitarist Mark Mulholland take things into other dimensions.” 8/10 Uncut

This album encapsulates a rare, continent-straddling, community spirit. A sure and certain tonic for all.” Daily Mirror

As refreshing as dip in the ocean…a brilliant album” Clash Magazine “Infectious from the start, as experimental as their name suggests, with some very pleasing results.” Northern Sky

Afro–Haitian Experimental Orchestra – SalilentoAfro–Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Bade ZileAfro–Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Mon Ami Tezin