He has been travelling and making music for three decades. After many albums with the various bands he has been in over the years, Tony has now recorded his first solo album.

Medicine Tunes”, a rich, heartfelt and haunting collection, where his guitar and voice are subtly supported by long-time musical colleagues Geir Voie (mandolin), Sean Condron (banjo, guitar, slide, bass, harmonica, mandola, backing vocals), Mark Mulholland (guitar, mandola, bouzouki, backing vocals) and Stéphane Doucerain (drums, percussion). Recorded in one session in a farmhouse in rural France, with all the basic tracks done live together in the same room, “Medicine Tunes” is organic, natural roots music at its very best.

Born in Scotland in 1969, Tony Rose had a passion for rock’n’roll music from a young age, busking on the streets of Glasgow and forming bands with school friends, Brendan O’Hare, later of Teenage Fanclub, and Joe Armstrong. He moved to Edinburgh, where, after a brief flirtation with university, he formed a band, the Purple Rizla Experience, with Joe and fellow Glaswegian Mark Mulholland, which made a name for itself in the underground psychedelic scene in the city in the late 1980s. For the three of them, the urge to travel became irresistible, and they criss-crossed Europe, hitch-hiking and jumping trains, settling sporadically for a while to reconvene the band in France, Ireland, Berlin or Holland, but always moving on.

In 1992 they settled in Prague, where they met many other musicians who were drawn to the magical atmosphere in the city in the years after the Velvet Revolution, jamming, swapping songs, and making musical connections that exist to this day, including with New York guitarist Sean Condron. While many of the others moved on, Tony stayed in Prague for much of the ’90s, forming the bands The Oul’ Bogwarriors and the Band of Jakeys, before moving to Berlin in 2002, where he joined Joe and Mark again in the rock band Impure Thoughts, and their acoustic alter ego Two Dollar Bash. Two Dollar Bash made 4 albums, and toured extensively in Europe and North America, where they were in the official selection at the legendary SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, 3 years in a row, as well as at Canadian Music Week in Toronto and at Folk Alliance in Memphis, and they won the “Rising Legend” award at the 30th annual festival of the National Traditional and Country Music Association in Iowa in 2005.

In 2010, Tony moved back to Prague, where he continues to play both solo, with the Band of Jakeys, and as a duo with the Norwegian mandolin player Geir Voie. His songs have been played by many artists in Europe, America and beyond, and a collection of recordings of cover versions is being put together to coincide with the release of “Medicine Tunes” in 2018 on the Berlin-based label Cannery Row Records.

Two Dollar Bash – New AdventuresTony Rose – When I Walk will you FollowTony Rose – South of the BorderTony Rose – Getting it TogetherTwo Dollar Bash – Tomorrow Never ComesTwo Dollar Bash – WhiskyTwo Dollar Bash – The Devil And The Angel



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