With great original songs, fine musicianship and impressive harmonies, the band blends influences from North American folk, blues and country with Celtic and European styles.

The four members, Mark Mulholland, Tony Rose, Joe Armstrong and Matt de Harp, have been playing together in different combinations throughout Europe for the past fifteen years, in a variety of bands including punk, rock, psychedelic and swing as well as the folkier formations, and also simply travelling around, picking up gigs and busking, swapping songs and stories with other musicians along the way. As well as honing their own songwriting and playing skills, this means that the band’s repertoire includes many songs from friends, who in turn are singing Two Dollar Bash songs throughout Europe and North America. The line-up is sometimes complemented with the addition of percussionist and drummer Stéphane Doucerain, who featured on the band’s first album.

The band has released four albums on Berlin label Cannery Row Records: “Two Dollar Bash”(2006), “On the Road”(2007), “Lost River”(2008), and “New Adventures” (2011). Since the formation of the band in 2003, Two Dollar Bash have been touring extensively throughout Europe, and have also completed four very successful tours of America. In March 2009 Two Dollar Bash was invited to perform a showcase at the prestigious South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, for a remarkable third successive year, as well as at the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, another important industry event.

Two Dollar Bash – New AdventuresTwo Dollar Bash – Blame it on meTwo Dollar Bash – Same Old LieTwo Dollar Bash – Tomorrow Never ComesTwo Dollar Bash – Man In BlackTwo Dollar Bash – ReprobateTwo Dollar Bash – Old Mail TrainTwo Dollar Bash – The Devil And The Angel

Other highlights include winning the “Rising Legend” award at the 30th Old-time Country and Traditional Music Festival in Missouri Valley, Iowa in 2005; playing at the first Latitude Festival in England and the International Country Night showcase at the Popkomm music industry conference in Berlin in 2006; a showcase at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, the Wychwood Festival in England and the International Bluegrass Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2007. The band has done several tours of the UK to support the release of the albums there through Proper Distribution, and of the Benelux territories and France, including a performance at the legendary Elysée Montmartre in Paris in December 2009.

After the release of “New Adventures”, the band took a long break due to the fact that all the band members were spread over 3 continents, with occasional reunions when geography permitted. In March 2015, Two Dollar Bash got back together for a short series of gigs in France. The energy and chemistry of playing together again inspired the musicians to start meeting and playing regularly again, and they toured in France again in summer 2016, including a performance at Cooksound Festival in Forcalquier. In 2018, Tony Rose’s first solo album, “Medicine Tunes”, produced by Mark, was released by Cannery Row Records, accompanied by a companion disc with other artists covering Tony’s songs, including contributions by all the members of Two Dollar Bash. Mat and Mark have now both moved to France, from Brazil and Mali respectively, so the band will be touring more frequently and will soon start work on a new album.



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