Frankétienne & Mark Mulholland

Available on two different formats : MP3 and CD

« Chaophonies » is the fruit of a collaboration between the Haitian poet, painter, novelist, playwright and actor Frankétienne and the Scottish musician Mark Mulholland combining spoken word and music.

Album page
Frankétienne & Mark Mulholland – Ville schizophoniqueFrankétienne & Mark Mulholland – Mots et RêvesFrankétienne & Mark Mulholland – Bleu fou
1 Mots et rêves
2 Ville schizophonique
3 Le petit train
4 Terre ouvrière d’ombre
5 Potoprens chouk
6 Loco
7 Sa Ki Lan Kè Mwen
8 Bleu fou
9 Tambours et ombres denses
10 Peyi A
11 Mots et rêves (Instrumental)

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