Mark Mulholland

Available on two different formats : MP3 and CD

The Cactus and the Dragon, with its shades of dark green and brown and reeking of stale coffee from a roadside diner, is a seriously impressive piece of work.

Album page
Mark Mulholland – Why d'you Treat me This WayMark Mulholland – Another Falling StarMark Mulholland – The Cactus and the Dragon
1 Why d’you Treat me This Way
2 Haunted Feeling
3 Floodgates
4 Another Falling Star
5 Footsteps on the Stairs
6 Middle Lane Driver
7 Once You Start Running
8 Waiting for the Storm
9 Something New
10 Sweet Taste
11 Firelight Fantasy
12 World Spins Round
13 The Cactus and the Dragon
14 Trams and Trains and Aeroplanes

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